If you give me a fish you have fed me for a day.
If you teach me to fish then you have fed me until the river is
contaminated or the shoreline seized for development.
But if you teach me to organize then whatever the challenge I can join
together with my peers and we will fashion our own solution.


People power

Today as in times past, it's ordinary people with the energy, power, know-how, and willingness to take action who are getting together to do something about the injustices around us and build 'another world'. The problems we face are urgent, ubiquitous and profound. Climate change, growing disparity in wealth and well-bring and resource depletion threaten our world, and once again political and business leaders are proving ineffective and disconnected from what we want.

communi-STANDING believes that resolutions to our problems are inside each and everyone of us. Today as in the past our awareness of injustice and the courage to speak out against it will build a better world. communi-STANDING also believes in deep democracy and is committed to helping people learn to do conflict creatively and nonviolently -- with respect, care and love at the core.

Sí, se puede. Yes, it can be done. We have done it before and we will again. Collectively, over the centuries our creative and loving efforts have contributed towards

  • ending institutionalised slavery
  • establishing trade unions
  • creating child labour laws
  • winning political and civil rights for disenfranchised groups
  • overthrowing oppressive political regimes
  • raising the profile about environmental issues
  • working towards gender equality

Together stronger

So our work continues, at an even more urgent pace. Individually and collectively we are working towards a more sustainable and just world. We want social change, not climate change. We want economic and social justice not the upside down world we have now. And working together we will be stronger. We need each other to fundamentally transform our society to be more fair and sustainable. We need a movement that includes every race, age, geographic area, and class. Join us.

What is communi-STANDING?

communi-STANDING is a group-learning, group-process and personal development organisation specialising in learning and creative action for social change. We work with neighbourhood, faith and religious groups, activists, and loose networks of people concerned with the state of our current world. Common to this diverse group is a sense of dignified and unified resistance to the violence of the dominant System, and positive energy and effort in building the constructive alternative. A world where justice and love is the mainstream and 'non-peace' is a synonym for today's word 'war'.

What we offer

communi-STANDING helps you find your focus and develop the skills that are most important for what you want to do, and how you want to grow.

  • another world is possible and it's here already: Bespoke group-process facilitation to help groups with strategy and vision, evaluation and next actions, project and campaign development among other topics.
  • people-to-people diplomacy: Bespoke sessions to prepare for working with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds both locally and internationally. Also offer advice and technical support on cross-cultural relations, conflict transformation and project management.
  • being the change: the Kitchen Table project is exploring identity, community and our connections. We are creating a portrait of who we are, what we do, what we believe and value, and we are spreading the 'good ideas'! Come on, join us at the kitchen table!
  • spanish/english & inglés/español: translation of written materials and subtitles for video; consecutive interpreting for events, interviews or meetings

Our growing local and global tribe

communi-STANDING helps people and groups committed to working for change and building the constructive alternative in their communities become more effective in their work and build solidarity among diverse groups.

Is communi-STANDING for you? Join us for an event or workshop and connect with our ever-flowing and growing local and global tribe.