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A showcase of community initiatives helping people to connect and work together to build a better world

Good-bye comm connection More and more I am exploring the use of creativity in my work, and I'm putting time into developing my skills with that and applying it to social change work. Clowning, drawing, forum theatre, improvisation games, performance poetry, painting, story-telling, street theatre, juggling, flash mobbing, growing food, cooking and baking, mosaic scuplture, pottery, reflective writing ... Wow! See how busy I am? So, comm connection is taking a little pause for now. Watch this space to see what new shoots grow here!

Past communication and community connections

March 2012 supporting women’s organisations to be more effective and sustainable

WRC brings together thousands of women’s organisations working to support women and to achieve equality in the whole of Great Britain. They strengthen women’s networks and forums where they exist and nurture new contacts and links. Offering vital resources for women's organisations like events, trainings, conferences, magazines, newsletters and a website the Women's Resource Centre provides opportunities for women across the sector to meet, learn new skills and share ideas and experiences. Find out more today.

February 2012 UK Youth Climate Coalition

UK YCC is an organisation owned, run and managed exclusively by young people, (mostly aged 16-25) who squeeze in coalition work between studying and/or paid work. Their volunteer spirit requires massive motivation, mutual respect and commitment to each other and their way of working together. They believe that taking action on climate change can be exciting, aspirational and inspirational. Dreams are contagious, they invite you to join them

January 2012 Native Spirit Foundation

Native Spirit Foundation is a charity promoting education and the protection of the rights of Indigenous peoples and creating a permanent platform in Europe for a dialogue between the indigenous world and modern societies. Through their annual Native Spirit Festival, workshops, performances and film screenings they aim to inspire new possibilities for understanding life, by celebrating the strength and potential of the human spirit. Find out more by visiting their website and coming along to an event.

December 2011

Hackney Homemade Markets were born out of a love for Hackney by dedicated local resident, Jane MacIntyre. Hackney Homemade Markets bring local people together in two pleasant central Hackney hubs, contributing to and drawing on the friendly energy of a community shopping environment. The markets support and encourage local traders and small businesses and all products are made and sourced locally and sold by local traders wherever possible. Drop by and see for yourself. The Saturday Market takes place in a beautiful church garden in Hackney Central. Its older, but smaller, sister market on a Sunday is in the lively Book Box courtyard, coinciding with the weekly Chatsworth Road street market.

November 2011 help up us to help the community

The Children's S.C.R.A.P. Project collects 'waste' from businesses, saving them from being sent to landfill and saving money for businesses. A health and safety check of the materials takes place and then they are displayed in a warehouse for members to take back to your groups for education and play. Membership is open to any group involved in arts, crafts, learning and play and community groups. Your membership fee varies depending on the number involved and how your group is funded, and your membership entitles your group to visit collect materials as often as you need within your membership year. Currently serving over 700 organisations, they always have room for more. Click here for a membership application.

October 2011 stop new nuclear

Stop New Nuclear is an alliance of grassroots campaigning groups horrified, outraged and mystified about the Government's plan to continue developing and using nuclear power plants. Member groups are determined to stop new build nuclear power plants. They point with simple commonsense to the large-scale environmental and human disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima and demand the Government respect citizens' preference for developing and drawing energy from renewables like wind, solar and hydro. With member groups located around the country and involved in different angels of the anti-nuclear power movement there are many ways for you to be involved. Visit Stop New Nuclear's website to know more.

September 2011 child poverty busting programme

September's comm connection was Kids' Company, a charity providing practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children. The children Kids' Company help have unstable and difficult home lives, and often face challenges in their neighbourhoods as well -- physical violence, being forced to work as drug couriers or prostitutes. There are many ways you can help and get involved such as contributing household goods, food, toys, clothing, or your volunteering time and donations. Get in touch to know more about how you can contribute.

August 2011 No fists, no knives, no guns, no war. No violence.

August's comm connection is Women in Black an international network of women committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and all forms of violence, including structural and cultural violence. As women experience these things in different ways in different regions of the world, to aim is mutual support of each other's movements, while also maintaining respect and space for a range of philosophies and beliefs within the network. This month 15 - 20 August in Bogota, Colombia Women in Black from around the world gather to share stories and develop strategies. See the XV International Women in Black gathering website to know more.

July 2011 a network of local people doing social trading

July's comm connection was Camden LETS. LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) is a network of local people who exchange all kinds of skills and services on a points system. Whatever you do, you get credits, which you can then exchange with anyone else in the system. The unit of exchange in Camden is 'Locks'. Only people who live, work or study in Camden are eligible to participate. If you're not from Camden, visit the LETS portal to find one near you.

June 2011 Support the campaign calling for 20 mph zones on Britain's residential roads

Already 5m residents live in towns which are adopting or have adopted policy promoting 20 mph zones and there are over 60 active local 20s Plenty for Us groups around the country with some wonderfully effective volunteer campaigners. Their aim is simple: to maximise the number of UK Total 20 implementations. It's a win-win situation: greater road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and for Mother Earth too! Slower speeds means less fuel is consumed and less pollution is produced by cars. Visit 20s Plenty website to know more about this campaign.

May 2011 fighting animal abuse & promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle

Animal Aid is the UK's largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977. Using peaceful campaign methods they promote an end to all forms of animal abuse and a cruelty-free lifestyle. Visit their website to know more about how to promote greater understanding of animal rights through campaigns past and present, news and media work, education materials for schools, and an ethical shop selling a wide range of cruelty-free products.

April 2011 a new community anti-cuts space

The Social Centre Plus (SCP) is the occupied Job Centre on Deptford High Street. SCP was occupied in March 2011 to create a community hub for activities against the government’s cuts. They hold meetings and discussions alongside cafés, film showings, live recitals and children’s days. Check out what's going and get involved.

March 2011 Make Your Own Herstory MYOH MYOH MYOH MYOH MYOH MYOH MYOH

Celebrate women's accomplishments, creativity and strengths with Make Your Own Herstory. MYOH is an interactive website in which users build the content in response to creative tasks, crafts or activities. The project is a collective effort to challenge the universal recounting of history to include the unheard voices of women. The website invites our contributions in whatever way we can -- words, poetry, song, images, games, videos, food, ... -- as a celebration of those voices, including our own. Check it out now!

February 2011 campaigning against homophobia in football

February is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month and comm-connection honours the Justin Campaign for its efforts in tackling homophobia in football. Giving homophobia the boot in football would represent a great victory for the LGBT community, a huge step in motivating change elsewhere. To learn more about the campaign, get involved as a volunteer or offer your own unique contribution contact the director Jason Hall.

January 2011 children should be valued as children, not consumers

The Mothers' Union believes children should be valued as children, not consumers and their recent Bye Buy Childhood campaign aims to empower families to challenge the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood through positive action. MU urges us to reflect on and amend as appropriate about our consumer habits and engage our families, the commercial world and the Government to take do all do their bits to diminish materialism. Visit MU's Bye Buy website today to see what you can do.

September, October, November, December 2010 comm connection out of office: in Kakamega, Western Kenya

For four months Denise was on special assignment working with Kenyan grassroots democracy activists on the design and implementation of nonviolent social change campaign strategy. The work pace was intense and fast, so comm connection was on holiday during this period. You can read about these adventures in Kenya here.

August 2010 world-affirming, politically and culturally engaging

Greenbelt is an arts, faith and social justice festival held annually since 1974 over the late bank holiday of August. Growing from a small Christian youth music event, festival-goers now come from many (and no) faiths and although worship places a large role in the festival, since 2000 trade justice and international solidarity has featured large. The festival was one of the main catalysts for the huge Jubilee 2000 movement. Come out to Cheltenham Race Course and see for yourself the energy and dynamism behind this event.

July 2010 Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases send the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies back to within their borders!

Since 1992 CAAB has been expressing concern about the presence of US military bases abroad, and particularly in the UK. A CAAB focal point is the Menwith Hill Base, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. From intelligence analysis, to stopping points on rendition routes, to sending military support to Israel these bases may be involved in some rather dodgy dealings. The general public find it difficult to know though because base access is limited and generally prohibited. Join CAAB in demanding 'Freedom from the American military!' Information about regular Menwith Hill events, subscribe to the newsletter, or spread the word. Let others know what is going on.

June 2010 building a culture of hospitality

City of Sanctuary is a multi-city movement building a culture of hospitality for people seeking asylum in the UK. Their goal is to create a network of towns and cities throughout the country proud to be places of safety and fully inclusive of people seeking sanctuary in the life of their communities. The movement began in October 2005 in Sheffield and has since grown to include 12 other cities. Visit City of Sanctuary's website to know more and to find out how to make your hometown a City of Sanctuary.

May 2010 War Resisters International War is a crime against humanity

15 May is International Conscientious Objectors' Day and War Resisters International is this month's celebrated comm connection. Founded in 1921 on principles of nonviolence, WRI is a network of independent organisations, with members in more than 35 countries. WRI steadfastly rejects all types of war whether it is State sanctioned, by a "liberation army", under the auspices of the United Nations, or so called "humanitarian military intervention". From WRI's political campaigning and support for conscientious objectors' movements, to their nonviolence resources and support, publications and events, WRI offers you many ways to contribute towards this movement to end war. Visit their website to see what you can do.

April 2010 Anne Frank Trust UK April is holocaust memorial month

The Anne Frank educational Trust, established in 1991, was inspired by the life and diary of Anne Frank. The Trust educates and motivates young people to reject prejudice and build a society founded on mutual respect. The trust accomplishes this through a travelling exhibition that tours the UK and has been seen by over 2.4 million people to date. Click on schools and communities to find out how you can get involved.

March 2010 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom social, economic and political equality for all

8 March is International Women's Day and this month's comm-connection celebrates a women's peace organisation founded in 1915, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. WILPF aims to facilitate structural changes to achieve social, economic and political equality for all without discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion or any other grounds. WILPF has National Sections in 37 countries, covering all continents. Find your chapter and get involved today.

February 2010 Haiti Support Group solidarity yes, shock capitalism no!

The Haiti Support Group is a solidarity organisation working with progressive organisations in Haiti that are trying to carry out the fundamental structural changes necessary to improve the standard of living of the poor majority, to build participatory democracy, and to ensure respect for all human rights. Join Haiti-supporters in demanding that major powers not exploit the January earthquake to further narrow pro-corporate ends. Get involved through the Haiti Support Group

January 2010 Powerhouse an organisation of women with learning difficulties

Powerhouse is an organisation of women with learning difficulties committed to women’s rights in providing advocacy, support, training, and raising awareness of issues which affect women with learning difficulties. Visit their website to find out more about their many projects and to see how you can be involved.

December 2009 Campaign against Climate Change 12 December Global Day of Action March, join us!

CCC has also pioneered, driven and coordinated a Global Climate Campaign which brings people together from all around the world in an annual Global Day of Action on climate with demonstrations and events all around the globe on the same day. This year that day is 12 December. Concerned about climate change? Visit CCC's webpage to know how you can do to get involved and become part of the solution and not the problem!

ccc November 2009 make another world possible

Globalise Resistance campaigns, organises and mobilises within the Global Justice movement, aiming to make it radical, so enhancing its chances of building a better world. This November Globalise Resistance celebrates the 1999 alliance of direct action activists, environmentalists and trade unionists who shut down the meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle, USA. These actions stopped the next trade round of Capitalist Globalisation. In the process they sparked a Movement of Movements right across the globe its slogan became ‘Another World is Possible’. Find out more here.

ccc October 2009 Alternatives to Violence Project-Britain conflict is inevitable, violence doesn't have to be

The Alternatives to Violence Project believes that conflict is a part of daily life, but violence doesn't have to be. AVP Britiain's trained volunteer facilitators offer workshops in the community, in prisons and in other settings. AVP is a national charity and part of an international network. Get in touch directly to know more about their work.

ccc September 2009 Same sex hand holding (Sshh!) Saturday

26 September is the first Same sex hand holding (Sshh!) Saturday and promoters hope it will become a regular monthly event. The campaigns aims to fight homophobia and increase the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people. The first Sshh! Saturday is held in memoriam of the shooting at an LGBT youth centre in Tel Aviv in August and the ongoing atrocities being committed to LGBT people in Iraq. So remember, the last Saturday of every month, LGBT and all others, hold hands, smile at everyone around and feel the love.

ccc August 2009 debunking Olympic myths

Games Monitor is a network of people raising awareness about issues within the London Olympic development processes. They seek to deconstruct the 'fantastic' hype of Olympic boosterism and the eager complicity of the 'urban elites' in politics, business, the media, sport, academia and local institutional 'community stakeholders'. Not opposed to the Olympics per say, just the 'business as usual' crony-ism all too often found on those levels.

ccc July 2009 Big Green Gathering Britain's oldest and largerst environmental festival

The Big Green Gathering is Britain's oldest and largest environmental festival. It is a celebration of our natural world and our place within. It is for people who care about about health, the environment, sustainability, our children's future and life in general. Join us for one or all five days of the event which will take place in the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

ccc June 2009 a human rights & ecological project

Ecomemoria is a human rights project working to end impunity in Chile. They advocate for the prosecution of those responsible for human rights violations during the military dictatorship, and they plant trees. This living memorial is in remembrance of all the victims of the Chilean dictatorship. The group is based in London and was established during Pinochet's 503 days under house arrest in London. Visit Ecomemoria to find out how you can get involved.

ccc May 2009 European Neighbours Day 26 May

European Neighbours Day falls on the last Tuesday of May each year. This year 8.5 million European neighbours in 29 countries will mark the day with a lunch or event to see old and make new friends. Any city or town or social housing organization is welcome to participate and the idea is even spreading beyond Europe with dozens of other cities staring their own celebrations. For more information about connecting your event with the broader movement gather your neighbours and get in touch with the European Neighbours Day folk .

ccc April 2009

Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique is a UK-based affiliate of the Les Amis Le Monde Diplomatique which supports the writings and tradition which has evolved over 50 years of publication of the Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper. Get involved by coming to a Cafe Diplo meetings at The Gallery at Farringdon, in the City of London on selected Monday evenings. You are guaranteed a lively debate and exchange of ideas on a wide range of issues.

ccc March 2009 jobs, justice and a green economy

Put People First is a coalition of development charities, trade unions, faith groups, environmentalists and other organisations calling for a fair, sustainable route out of the recession. Visit the Put People First webpage to know details of their policy proposals, see a list of coalition partners, and find out how to get involved with the march on 28 March.

ccc February 2009 community links working with the people of Newham

Community Links has 30 years experience working with everyone in Newham: from toddlers, young people and parents to pensioners. 55% of Newham residents live in poverty. Community Links run a network of over 60 community projects that empower individuals and communities to build their own ladder out of poverty. Their excellent and practical community-minded activities directly tackle the causes and consequences of social exclusion. By sharing their learning and experiences with a network of national community practitioners and policy makers Community Links helps to generate lasting social change. Visit Community Links website to know more or find out how you can get involved.

ccc January 2009 Not on our watch

Peace Strike oppose all forms of warfare and the perpetual insane cycles of violence and de-humanising behaviour aimed at the poorest and least poweful in our societies. In their latest effort to denounce unacceptable aggression towards innocent civilian populations Maria Gallastegui, founder of the Peace Strike, has started a hunger strike in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to protest against the escalating military assault on the people of Gaza. Visit Parliament Square and encourage the strikers, or visit their website for more information about how to set up your own strike.

ccc December 2008 children of addicted parents and people

COAP (children of addicted parents and people) aim to help people know they are not alone in their experiences and provide them with support and guidance all year round. COAP founder Emma Spiegler set up this website up for young people to talk about their concerns and fears about a person in their lives who is abusing drugs and alcohol, or is addicted to some form of behaviour. Visit the COAP virtual community if you want to know more.

ccc November 2008 end violence against women

Happy 5th birthday national Reclaim the Night! The Reclaim The Night march gives women a voice and a chance to reclaim the streets at night on a safe and empowering event. 22 November 6pm, join the women-only march from Whitehall Place demanding the right to use public space without fear. This is a civil liberty and human right. Rally open to all following at Friends Meeting House.

ccc October 2008 More That Unites there is more that unites us as humans, than divides

More That Unites is an internationally touring photography exhibition debuting at The Gallery at Goldsmiths College from 21-31 October, promoting peace and tolerance by celebrating diversity, and inspiring social change through photographic practice. Through stories told by Iranian photographers, More That Unites humanizes Western conceptions of Iran by celebrating the cultures, symbols and rituals that are distinctively Iranian. The aim of the exhibition is to deepen a sense of understanding between cultures, and to show what is at stake should humanity have to endure another senseless war.

ccc September 2008 Robert Levy Foundation we can all play a part in stopping crime

Robert Levy was just 16 when he was murdered near his home in Hackney when he tried to stop a fight. Robert's family established the Robert Levy Foundation in his memory to help highlight issues surrounding knife crime and provide opportunities for young people to develop personal and professional skills. Anything we do to reduce violence will contribute towards reducing violence everywhere. The reasons young people turn towards gangs are many and often mysterious. But we do know that violence hurts and community efforts like the Robert Levy Foundation and other simple acts of love, care and kindness heal. Celebrate Robert's life by playing a part in stopping crime, which can be as simple as relating kindly and personally to others.

ccc August 2008 Camp for Climate Action 2008 be prepared

Climate Camp is a place for anyone who wants to resist climate change. Camp events weave four key themes: education, direct action, sustainable living, and building a movement to effectively tackle climate change through resistance and developing sustainable solutions. Joining in denouncing the expansion of the fossil fuel economy are eight other climate camps taking place around world.

ccc July 2008 BonkersFest 2008 celebrating madness

BonkersFest 2008 is the third annual summer arts and music festival, illuminating and celebrating madness, creativity, and eccentricity, all in an effort to promote good mental health. Organised by the interdisciplinary charity Creative Routes. the festival is just one of the organisation's many activities which views madness positively, facilitates an immense outpouring of creative energy and combats stigma. Come out and celebrate madness -- and/or the madness of normality -- on the Camberwell Green, South London, on 19th July 2008 from 12-9 pm. And visit Creative Routes website to find out more about their work and how to get involved.

ccc June 2008 working to make London a world class cycling city

14 to 22 June is Bike Week and to mark the occasion London Cycling Campaign is June's comm connection. Since 1978 LCC has been working with and on behalf of cyclists to raise the profile of cycling in London. Their efforts have resulted in becoming the largest urban cycling association in the world, loads of campaign successes and identifying plenty more work to be done. Much of this campaigning is done on borough level by dedicated voluntary groups who are LCC members. LCC also offers grants to community groups for setting up up practical community cycling projects, providing advice, assistance and expertise in all things related to cycling. Check out LCC to see how you can get involved.

ccc May 2008 Guerrilla Gardening fighting urban green space neglect with flowers

1 May is election day in London, Labour Day and the 2nd International Guerrilla Gardening sunflower planting day. Inspired by guerrilla gardeners in Brussels who last year transformed the dirt patches around the city with sunflowers, seeds of the tradition have blown into London. And with all the orphaned plots of land all over, every day is an opportunity to cultivate a connection with the community and nature. Visit Guerrilla Gardening's getting started page to set up or find a group near you. Now, before the growing season's over.

ccc April 2008 creating change through peaceful actions

FootPrints for Peace works with grassroots multicultural, environmental and peace groups to organise walks and runs aimed at raising awareness and understanding that all life is sacred. On 26 April 2008 (the 22nd anniversary of of Chernobyl) walkers will depart from Battersea park, London and walk through France visiting many nuclear facilities on the way to Geneva. The 84-day journey will cover 1500kms and aims to raise awareness about the deadly affects of the whole nuclear cycle. Join the walk for as long as you can, a single step, a day or for the whole journey.

ccc March 2008 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament the bomb stops here

CND turns 50 this year and to celebrate they invite us to a lively demonstration against the development of nuclear weapons at Aldermaston (near Reading). The date of the demo is Easter Monday (24 March), commemorating the first CND march from London to Aldermaston in 1958. Visit CND's site to learn more about the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston. And come on, join in on the fun, embrace the base and let our elected officials know that the bomb stops here.

ccc February 2008 DimSum the British Chinese Community Website

20% of the world's population will celebrate Chinese new year this month and to highlight the event, DimSum, is the featured comm connection. DimSum (or Dian Xin in Mandarin) are a variety of delicious morsels of food served with tea and can be eaten at any time of the day. While the food and tea may be a welcome respite from the bustle of life, the point is not the nourishment of the food, but the space created by the food for people to meet, chat and come to understand each other better. The website of the same name hopes to recreate some of the atmosphere of talk, discussion and sharing as if we were sitting down with friends and really having DimSum. Visit DimSum to learn more, and GUNG HEI FAT CHOI!

ccc January 2008 aerobics using African Caribbean music

The new year stimulates renewed determination to live healthier and Afrobics is a unique community-spirited, holistic health programme. The exercise routine is inspired by African Caribbean rhythms like soca, reggae, hi life and zuke music. And they emphasis wholesome eating and nourishing the mind with cultural activities like community carnivals and music festivals. Visit Afrobics to find a class near you. Afrobics, like the rays of the sun, forward forever!

ccc December 2007 An international network

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is 59 years old on 10 December this year and to celebrate Women Living Under Muslim Laws is the featured comm connection. WLUML is an international solidarity network providing information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. Their aim is to strengthen women’s individual and collective struggles for equality and their human rights, especially in Muslim contexts. London is home to WLUML's international coordination office which connects more than 70 countries ranging from South Africa to Uzbekistan, Senegal to Indonesia and Brazil to France.

ccc Novmeber 2007 Eaves Ending Violence Against Women through Housing Support, Advocacy & Research

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and to commemorate this month's featured comm connection is London's largest women-only housing provider, Eaves. Their work aims to support women confronting adverse situations with housing and raise awareness about violence against women. They help women who have been trafficked into prostitution, women fleeing domestic violence and vulnerable women with diverse support needs. They also conduct research and advise Government on policy. This year Eaves marks 30 years of working to eliminate violence against women. Join them at their gala comedy fundraiser Wednesday 21 November at the Café de Paris to celebrate!

ccc October 2007 Black History Month Celebrating African and Caribbean heritage

October is Black history month in Britain, and at the site Black History Month you can honour and celebrate BHM all year round. It is a forum for education, information, event listings and community. Learn more by visiting Black History Month.

ccc September 2007 Chalk4Peace A community peace activity

Chalk4Peace is a borderless community event with its origins in London. Organisers say let your heart speak for peace. Pick up a piece of chalk and leave your mark. Send them a picture of your art peace! It's a brilliantly simple, inexpensive and fun way to get people thinking about peace. Visit Chalk4Peace for more information and check out the photo gallery if you need inspiration!

ccc August 2007

It's August, which means it's good-eating season for fresh garden fruit and veg. Across London and the UK there are hundreds of city farms and community gardens. These are community-managed projects working with people, animals and plants. They exist mainly in urban areas and are created in response to a lack of access to green space, combined with a desire to encourage strong community relationships and an awareness of gardening and farming. Find a farm or community garden near you by visiting the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens.

ccc July 2007 Re-thinking car use

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but just can't manage without a car for the weekly big shop at the supermarket (or farmers' market)? If you are thinking of shifting away from car ownership but still have some car needs, then car clubs might be the answer. Car clubs provide their members with quick and easy access to a car for short term hire. Belonging to a car club makes it easier for residents to meet their transport needs without running their own car. Check out Carplus to see if there's a club in your neighbourhood.

ccc June 2007 Refugee Week Honouring refugees and human rights

The United Kingdom has hundreds of years history providing a safe haven for refugees. Refugee Week is a celebration of refugees' contributions to our diverse society and an opportunity to raise awareness about human rights worldwide. Visit their website to find events near you.

ccc May 2007 Strangers into Citizens Justice for undocumented migrants

Capital freely crosses borders but people can't. Strangers into Citizens is a campaign calling for the regularisation of long-term undocumented migrants in the UK. Join Strangers into Citizens on 7 May in the largest ever call for justice for migrants. Rally at Trafalgar Square 12:30 to 1:30.

ccc April 2007 Nuclear Waste Transported through London

Did you know that trains regularly cross London carrying nuclear waste? Greenpeace warns that millions of Londoners could be exposed to cancer-causing radiation in the event of a terrorist attack on these trains. 26 April is the 21st anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. Don't wait for a derailment or terrorist attack on the a nuclear waste trains to grow concerned. To find out how you can stop nuclear waste transport through London get in touch with Greenpeace UK now.

ccc March 2007 Ligali Promoting African British human rights

25 March marks 200 years since the British Parliament abolished the horrific practice of kidnapping and selling of African people, commonly known as the 'slave trade'. Ligali is a non-profit voluntary organisation which campaigns, educates and watchdogs for African British human rights. Visit Ligali's website to learn how they are turning talk into action, apathy into productivity.

ccc February 2007 International Mother Tongue Day

International Mother Tongue Day can be traced back to 21 February 1952 when political protests in Dhaka called for Bengali to be recognised as an official language of Pakistan. The movement sowed the seeds of independence, which Bangladesh finally won in 1971. Contemporary International Mother Tongue Day (21 February) aims to promote the recognition and use of the world’s mother languages, particularly minority ones.

ccc January 2007 GreenNet Internet for social justice

GreenNet is an Internet Service Provider that has been supporting and promoting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights and the environment through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) since 1986! It all began as a way for UK-based environmental activists to communicate. Then in 1987 GreenNet began to provide an international gateway for small, indigenous networks in African and Asian countries. Visit GreenNet to learn how they use the Internet to empower peoples of the world.