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Turning talk into community action

People in the UK have a long history of standing up for the right to be treated fairly – way back to the Magna Carta to contemporary movements for peace and social justice. Politicians talk and they create commissions; ordinary citizens talk and we create understanding and connection. When we connect and understand each other better, we are cultivating the seeds of our dreams and exploring ways of reaching our common goal – a better world for ourselves and future generations. communi-STANDING turns talk into community action.

Diversity is strength

London's neighbourhoods, work places, schools and public spaces are a rich mix of people from around the world and with varying reasons for being in London. Some have lived here all their lives, others came for one year and now twelve years later (or more) are thinking about settling down, and some of us just don't know.

communi-STANDING believes diversity is strength and that by learning to better understand ourselves and others we can convert tension and differences into dialogue and positive energy. Now is the time to talk.

Make fluent fools of ourselves

We may understand and speak the same language, but if we don't understand each other's cultural backgrounds, we can make fluent fools of ourselves. As George Bernard Shaw so aptly said about the United States and Britain -- ' they are two nations divided by a common language.'

People-to-people diplomacy

Considering the urgency of the planetary crisis, people-to-people diplomacy, connection and collaborative problem solving is important and more urgent than ever before. Are you going to wait for the UN and our Governments to sort this out, or put more effort into doing your part? Our everyday personal choices and actions are connected to the global community. Our lifestyle habits have impact on ourselves and others. communi-STANDING helps people develop self-awareness, sensitivity and skills for dealing with difference, ambiguity and challenge. People-to-people diplomacy builds an inclusive, just and broad-based movement.

London, a 21st century global village

Past world-class cities were built upon the day's hottest commodities: cattle, coal, gold, spices. Globalisation is today's hottest commodity, and London's vibrant mix of cultures makes it the perfect model of a 21st century global village. Londoners are global citizens with borderless ideas, broad-minded thinking and multicultural perspectives.

The only dangerous borders are between closed minds

communi-STANDING believes in the universality of the human experience, that we all share the same needs and similar aspirations for ourselves and future generations. In London today we have a unique opportunity to connect with and understand people and cultures from all over the world, to create a 'united nations of people'. communi-STANDING believes the only dangerous borders are between closed minds.