training and consultancy services

General Trainings and Services

Get in touch. Talking through our ideas is how we put the pieces together and get STUFF done. One of communi-STANDING's services -- a bespoke group-learning workshop, or group-process facilitated meeting, or one-on-one advising -- may be just the thing you and your group need to help you work more effectively together and get STUFF done.

None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something, and we can't wait for the so-called political and business leaders to figure it out. It's time to roll up our sleeves and do-it-ourselves!

bespoke group-learning workshops -- Training Themes

  • Improve Your Cultural Intelligence -- basic intercultural communication
  • Building Broad-based Coalitions -- working strategically with diverse groups and building non-traditional alliances
  • Equal Partners, Together Stronger -- mindfulness about power relations between Global North-South NGO collaboration
  • Community-building for Everyday Revolution -- the personal is political and deepening personal connections can grow our world
  • Gender, Culture, Communication and Power -- who are we and how do we express that, what do we assume about others? Is this always accurate, helpful?
  • Undoing Oppressions -- interrupting and challenging the vicious cycle of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, able-bodyism, etc
  • Doing Conflict Creatively -- transforming damaging, degrading conflict into positive and respectful experiences
  • the Kitchen Table Project -- living the socially just world we dream of now. Everyone has something to contribute.

bespoke group-process facilitated meetings

  • ordinary team meetings working through sticky situations
  • consensus decision-making and participatory group-working methods
  • strategy planning, monitoring, evaluation
  • project mapping and management
  • among many others ...


  • Studying, working and living abroad, this is for people taking that initiative yourself, as well as for people accompanying a spouse/partner or family
  • Hosting international events and visitors in London, cultural and social programmes as well as coordinating travel logistics

Culture is communication and communication is culture

communi-STANDING can help you develop self-awareness about how culture, values, and attitudes influence our actions and ways of being in this world. We express these through the way we understand the world, how we communicate and behave.

Even when we share a common language, invisible cultural and historical differences can affect the way we deal with conflict, our attitude towards risk and change, planning preferences, work style and way of communicating. Confucius said we human beings are drawn close to one another by our common nature, but habits and customs keep us apart.

communi-STANDING's trainings and advising service build upon participants' life experiences, and strive to help you develop an awareness of your communication preferences and cultural style. You will learn to recognise a range of general themes about culture and power and explore how to use challenging situations as opportunities to improve communication effectiveness and interpersonal and group relationships.