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The only thing that is going to get us out of the messy corner humanity has painted ourselves into at the beginning of the 21st century is 'outside-of-the-box thinking (creativity), empathy (connection) and a willingness to take action and do something for ourselves and not wait for the political or business leaders to come along and sort out the problem. We have to shed any ideas we have about 'heroes' and leaders coming to save us, think for ourselves more often, and critically examine the mainstream culture's main messages. Are these messages promoting everyone's interests, or just those of a few?

The Ghanian proverb 'Until the lion tells his tale the hunt will glorify the hunter' sums up why creativity is essential for wellbeing. We all deserve to be heard, seen and witnessed. When we are not, we suffer. Creative expression is necessary for the the health of the individuals as well as our communities.

Emancipate Ourselves

When we create we emancipate ourselves from the narrative of others. When we create we stop being consumers and become participants. We take charge of our own narrative, and in doing so, feel our soul has been expressed and grow our power.

Everyday Opportunities Every Day

As well as being creative ourselves we can celebrate other people's creativity and appreciate their talents by being creative in our lifestyle choices: buying local, handmade, beautiful well-crafted goods. We empower through our conscious purchasing and in talking to the stall holder/producer we make direct human connection. Farmers' markets are a shining example of this, as are small craft businesses, open studios, and community events.

'I must be the change I wish to see in the world' and every moment of every day offers us an opportunity to add our little drop of water into this ocean of social change surging around the world. Change is hard though. It means breaking long-established patterns and habits.

Sampling of Activities

Some of the ways communi-STANDING helps people to tap in your own creative source and learn how you can generate inner power and strength and thus contribute more in everyday ways towards positive change.

Pass the Picture

The most obvious applications of this exercise is to help groups explore the communication process, how symbols and meaning evolve and change, and it could be crafted for thinking about strategy, and lots more. First picture is the facilitators' original, second the image drawn by the second group, and third the image drawn by the last group to hear the description.


The general idea behind the 'Anchors' exercise is to help people 'drop anchor', grounding themselves, maintaining a firm, confident position and attitude when facing an difficult challenge internally and/or externally. The anchors can help you feel the discomfort, acknowledge it, and take action anyway. People shouldn't feel limited by the 'anchor' theme or to three anchors. Create an image that's right for you, and as many (or as few) as you need. More than three anchors probably will be difficult to keep in mind.

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