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the Kitchen Table project

Wake up and start living the world you dream of now. The Kitchen Table project is a creativity and learning workshop where we're living the socially just world we dream of now. Direct democracy. New foundation myths. Wisdom and connection across time and space. Everyone has something to contribute. Join us.

In many places in the world, the kitchen table is at the heart of the home. It's where people gather to eat, entertain, gossip, commiserate, celebrate, plot and plan, and bear witness. It's where we create the narratives about ourselves and our world.

The 'Kitchen Table Project' aims to build a more just and connected world with strong and resilient communities. We invite your active participation in building relationships based on mutual understanding and authentic sharing of who we are individually, and as a member of the larger community, and the world we'd like to live in and leave behind for our children and future generations.

IYCI - Improve Your Cultural Intelligence

How does our culture effect the way we communicate?  How can we become more sensitive to cultural factors  when in dialogue with others or when working alongside with people of different backgrounds?  This experiential workshop explores the complexity and pervasiveness of culture and its influence on communication. Participants will develop greater self-awareness and sensitivity to others, along with specific skills for effective communication in today’s multi-cultural communities. See the IYCI course pack (at the bottom of this page) for a flavour of this topic.

Gender, Culture and Human Rights

Culture is largely a subconscious concept which represents a shared set of values and behaviours of a given group and consists of behavioural patterns, explicit and implicit, that we learn and share through symbols (greeting rituals, how near/far to stand next to people, when to speak, etc). Culture and our identity are constantly evolving and changing over time. Human rights are legal standards that promote a set of values. These standards should be essential elements of all cultures, and by changing our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour we can build a society which values treating everyone fairly and living in ways where everyone has enough.

This workshops awakens people's awareness to the different elements of identity and the power dynamics around our identities. See the Gender, Culture and Human Rights pack (at the bottom of this page) for a flavour of this topic.

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